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Welcome to the Baton Rouge Orchid Society

Thank you for visiting BROS. We hope that you find the information both interesting and useful. Our mission is to provide information on orchid cultivation and conservation by a network of orchid growing enthusiasts. 

Photos by Glenn Gawarecki from BROS Orchid Conservatory

You can grow Orchids too!!

The orchids shown on the left side were grown here in Baton Rouge.  If you would like to become an Orchid Hobby Grower consider joining the Baton Rouge Orchid Society.  If you already have a collection and would be interested in mentoring others just getting started you should also join.  Just click on join us to become a member.

About us

We are hobby orchid growers with members ranging from novices to experienced growers.

Contact us

For questions and more information, please reach out to:


You can become a member of the Baton Rouge Orchid Society for only $20 (Single Membership) or $30 (Joint Membership) per year.

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